vendredi 12 février 2010

God! I was sullied!

One of my friend who is in Bangkok have found a crazy stuff in the street!
One of my design was printed on a Tshirt!
This design was made for the Dirty Cream Brand and printed on a pillow.
Check the second pics it's the original design.
FORGERY! Poliiiice!

3 commentaires:

Blogger Grapheart a dit...

Oh S**T !

12 février 2010 à 09:10  
Blogger PaperVinny a dit...

Lame man, that's really lame. I'm amazed at how man great artists have been ripped off as of late. And the fact that their slogan is "Authentic Quality Clothing" makes it even worse. Sorry to see this Tougui.

13 février 2010 à 02:35  
Blogger botscene a dit...

Your color scheme wins.

14 février 2010 à 12:31  

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