vendredi 23 juillet 2010

My Billy Sweet Monster!

Dear Mates!
Now it's my turn to present to you my Billy design!
Hope you like it!
Download it here!

7 commentaires:

Blogger Walter Helena a dit...


I'd like to invite you to visit my blog for a fine-art giveaway of one of my original giclee pieces....


24 juillet 2010 à 17:55  
Blogger Ana a dit...

Great character. Love it!

26 juillet 2010 à 06:16  
Blogger Tougui a dit...

Thanks Ana!

26 juillet 2010 à 08:34  
Blogger Art Farts a dit...

Fantastic! Your work is amazing. I look forward to seeing more.

26 juillet 2010 à 14:00  
Blogger Izel a dit...

Wow!very artistic design it's very cool! Keep up the good work

2 août 2010 à 20:41  
Blogger Izel a dit...

Wow amazing! your product is a real masterpiece, how did you do it? it's very beautifuld and artistic. It seems so hard to that, it's really good looking and appealing to the eyes and most of all its very cute- Izel Olaes

2 août 2010 à 20:56  
Blogger Tougui a dit...

Many thanks Izel :)

3 août 2010 à 02:55  

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