lundi 17 janvier 2011

Tougui x Feniks x Rennen Project

"Shortly after the devastating earthquake hit Haiti last year, Ben the Illustrator and the artists behind the design blog Thunder Chunky started The Renmen Project to raise money for Unicef's Haiti Appeal. One year on, and with the country still experiencing severe challenges including a cholera outbreak, the project has released a new set of prints produced in collaboration with vector collective Blood Sweat Vector."

Blood Sweat Vector (BSV) is an artist collective bringing together some of the best vector illustrators from the world. The organisers say that this project is one of the most ambitious and detailed of the Renmen Project pieces, bringing together 12 BSV artists to create a series of unique and fresh new typographic illustration artworks. Each of the six works are available in a limited edition of 20 A3 prints. Artists were organised in to pairs to work together on one letter from the word Renman (which is the Haitian word for Love) ! Lovingly crafted and organised over a period of over six months, the result is six intricate illustrations, each letter blending together the styles of each collaborating duo to create something very special.

See the "The Rennen Project" web site! ;)

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