mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Tougui x Posca x Artoyz - Papertoy design contest!


It's official, the contest is comming!
I co-organised with Posca and Artoyz the "Posca Papertoyz" contest!
I've made two new papertoys for this event.
Your mission is simple : choose one of both, print it and use some Posca pens to make a legendary design!
Send your proposition to Posca and stay focused on the votes.

Unfortunatly, the contest is only open for French and Belgium people...

Full of awesome prices can be won.
Be ready on the first january!


(Contest's rules here)

2 commentaires:

Blogger Paper Toys a dit...

Bravo à toi !!

28 décembre 2011 à 08:17  
Blogger _drots. a dit...

The Brazilian artist sticking sad not to participate in this event so interesting! We are all one, we are all brothers!

23 janvier 2012 à 07:05  

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