mercredi 31 mars 2010

Rodrigo Del Papel - The Report!

This is the report!
Hope you enjoy the show!
I will post clean pics, and of course, all templates can be downloaded on my web site soon!
Once again, thanks to all artistes who have taken part to the project.

Exhibition's still running until april 10
About works, some new projects comming
Stay tuned!

4 commentaires:

Blogger maura a dit...

wow! i love the shape of these figures. very cool. wonderful work! very inspiring :)

10 avril 2010 à 08:37  
Blogger Jason C Bolt a dit...

The world needs these my friend. Release them!

12 avril 2010 à 08:08  
Blogger Suzanka a dit...

this is amazing!!!! :)

16 décembre 2010 à 12:31  
Blogger Angela a dit...

So cool!! Are there any downloadable templates for any of these amazing paper toys??!?

28 avril 2011 à 17:25  

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