lundi 26 juillet 2010

Soöruz - Paye ta board contest 2010

Dear Mates,

The new Soöruz "Paye Ta board" contest is open!
Remember, I have won the 2008 edition ;)
This year the concept is to print and fill with any stuff you want the surf board shape
Once your photo taken and sent to Soöruz, they put it on their Facebook galerie
Next, you can vote for your favorite. For that, click to "I like" in the same FaceBook galerie.
(You need to become a Soöruz Fan before)
So if you are a Facebook user, don't hesitate to vote for me if you like my design!
Many thanks!

2 commentaires:

Blogger Bubix a dit...

je l'ai vu sur facebook ça déchire vraiment ;) bien joué j'espère que ça sera bon pour toi ;)
Bonne continuation

4 août 2010 à 06:20  
Blogger Tougui a dit...

on verra ça :)

6 août 2010 à 01:41  

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