mardi 13 mars 2012

Tougui x Stack The Deck x Phidias Gold x Boston


Soon I take part to the "Stack the Deck" show at the Fourth Wall Project in Boston organised by Phidias Gold. Awesome line up!

My board is hand painted - two colors x POSCA

Phidias Gold presents, Stack the Deck, a skateboard art show taking place at the Fourth Wall Project in Boston, MA. What better place to have a skate deck show than a place that embraces loitering punks and flourishing artists. The show will feature works from thirty-one artist with over thirty boards on display. Like past Phidias Gold gallery shows, artists have full creative freedom, so you can expect to see sculptural boards, hand painted boards, laser engraved boards, and 1 of 1 digitally printed boards printed by the best in the business and co-sponsor BoardPusher. All skate decks will be for sale, as well as a limited run of screen printed event posters (seen above). The Distillation Show will also be on display. All liquor bottles are also for sale.

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