mardi 31 août 2010

Rodrigo Del Papel x Qirrip

Hy Mates!
I received a new great design of my Rodrigo!
This one was made Qirrip!

vendredi 27 août 2010

Rodrigo Del Papel x Ant PandaCrew

Hy Mates!
New Rodrigo's design made by the great ANT!
You can download it design on his blog!

mercredi 25 août 2010

Billy Sweet Monster - Featuring MKT4!!!

Dear All!
I'm glad to present to you this new featuring made by the awesome couple MKT4!
Laëtitia and Marc are two French Graphic Designer with a great graphic style.
All of their works are funny, cute and full of fresh colors. I love it!
As always you can download the papertoy here.
Don't forget to take a look on their website!

mardi 10 août 2010

Billy Sweet Monster - featuring PO!

New Billy's featuring!
PO! aka Patricio Oliver is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
He has organised few weeks ago a free character design workshop in Argentina.
20 students was invited to make their own papertoy design and my Billy Sweet Monster was used for the show! To show how it looks, PO! decided to make 4 Billy's versions. Result rocks!
So I decided to expose one of my favorite!
You can download it on my web site!
Enjoy this new one!

PS: He send me some pics of the workshop. More pics HERE!

Tougui x ICEMOON UnderWear

Hi Mates,

Last year I've worked for a new underwear brand called ICEMOON.
I designed the logo and worked on several designs.
Few days I received some samples and I'm so stoked about quality!
You can buy products directly on the web store.

Keep an eye open on this brand!
I will be back ;)

lundi 9 août 2010

Bruno Ferdinand - NEW WEBSITE!

Quick post to let you know that my dear friend Bruno Ferdinand has updated his web site.
Awesome pics and works...
Check it now!

Tougui x WakeBoardMag x Soöruz

Do you remember my last post about my collaboration with WakeBoardMag?
T-Shirts are available now!
Size - S/M/L/XL - Black or White!
It's up to you and it's HERE!