vendredi 23 mars 2012

what THE FUCK??!

Like I said in one of my last mail. The world of Papertoy is soiled by people who totally rip the spirit of sharing and the work of Papertoy makers.

The following words tell the story of Christopher aka CubeCraft - one of the most important and creative Papertoy designer that I known...
it's totally scandalous...


Here is an e-mail exchange I just concluded from over the last hour with "Romain M (" His is RED mine in BLUE.


I am a French dealer, I sell your creations on french websites.

I sold about 100 of your productions since the beginning of 2012.

Do you have Disney characters? My clients want Disney characters.

Thank you for your response.

Best regards.


What is your website?



I give the templates away for free, they are not to be resold!

You are just taking my work (and the work of others from the looks of it) and profiting off of it? And then you have the audacity to tell me and request more?
Rare et limité? LIES!

You are ripping me and these other artists off and conning your customers!

Yes, "rare et limité" because I'm the only seller with these products.

Do you have Disney characters?

Thanks you.

Best regards.

I have notified ebay about your infringements of my work and are letting the other paper toy artists know as well so they can do the same.

You have no copyright on these paper toys.

Well, you don't want to provide me the Disney characters, I'll look elsewhere.

But if you change your mind, you can send me samples printed to my address.

Vivacti Services
31 Rue du President Wilson

Thank you.

Best regards.

I absolutely do, they are my artwork. You took them from my site, print them and sell them. You are now asking me for more.

It is you who have no rights to them. You think you can just find other peoples work online to sell for yourself?

Ok I'll find other peoples, don't worry.

You are the worst.

I've contacted ebay's Vero program on my own behalf but I cannot on behalf of the other paper toy artists he is ripping off. If you see your stuff on his page you can contact ebay here:


What the fuck!??
Who're those guys??

Please don't buy this products.
If you see something be sure that's the original work of artists...


vendredi 16 mars 2012

Paper x Frame 2!

New frames!
Godzilla - 70x50cm / Pirate - 50x40cm

You can see them (and news others ;-)) at the Gobelins school during the "Que sont-ils devenues?" exhibition.
The exhibition takes place during the "portes ouvertes" - 23/24 March 2012 (Paris) and show a selection of works done by old pupils.
I will be there on Saturday.

See you there!

Tougui x ReaDIYmate

What's ReaDIYmate?
It's a project by Marc Chareyron and Olivier Mével. Before that, they spent more than 15 years exploring the digital world and bridging the gap with the physical world.
I collaborated with Marc and Olivier to this project to create the three shapes and three designs.
Mr Kone, Dolly Oblong and Guillain Le Vilain are the others artists featured on this project.

It's really a funny project! with great designs and many (futures?) possibilities.

The project is launched on KICKSTARTER.
You will find all details here and the most important : you can back this project!


mardi 13 mars 2012

Tougui x Stack The Deck x Phidias Gold x Boston


Soon I take part to the "Stack the Deck" show at the Fourth Wall Project in Boston organised by Phidias Gold. Awesome line up!

My board is hand painted - two colors x POSCA

Phidias Gold presents, Stack the Deck, a skateboard art show taking place at the Fourth Wall Project in Boston, MA. What better place to have a skate deck show than a place that embraces loitering punks and flourishing artists. The show will feature works from thirty-one artist with over thirty boards on display. Like past Phidias Gold gallery shows, artists have full creative freedom, so you can expect to see sculptural boards, hand painted boards, laser engraved boards, and 1 of 1 digitally printed boards printed by the best in the business and co-sponsor BoardPusher. All skate decks will be for sale, as well as a limited run of screen printed event posters (seen above). The Distillation Show will also be on display. All liquor bottles are also for sale.