lundi 20 février 2012

Paper x Frame!

mardi 14 février 2012

Tougui x Saint Valentine's day

Have a lovely day Mates!

mardi 7 février 2012

first post of this new year x Muchachos Malotes x Grasping Guys

Hi Mates,

Long time spent since my last post!
Stuff are moving faster and it's hard to do everything in the same time.

But first of all : All the best for this new year!

Couple of things are going to change for me,
I'm going to live to Annecy in few months and it's gonna be really cool.

Lot of projects are waiting for me there!

I've received lot of mails asking to me why you can't download some of my papertoys, unfortunately, I have a bad news… Some Chinese companies (and others) take my papertoys and make money with it. Even if all my papertoys are protected by copyrights…they don't care about it and it's hard to do something with foreign companies…SO I decided to stop to sharing my works…It sucks I know but it's the only solution I've found to protect my work for good…

I think "sharing" takes a great place in the papertoy spirit, but we can't let some grasping guys make money with our works.

I'm really sorry for all the others…


Check my last collaboration with my friend Bishop Parigo. He did a cool project and succeed to unite some great artists around the theme of "Muchachos"!

Keep up the good spirit