lundi 26 juillet 2010

Soöruz - Paye ta board contest 2010

Dear Mates,

The new Soöruz "Paye Ta board" contest is open!
Remember, I have won the 2008 edition ;)
This year the concept is to print and fill with any stuff you want the surf board shape
Once your photo taken and sent to Soöruz, they put it on their Facebook galerie
Next, you can vote for your favorite. For that, click to "I like" in the same FaceBook galerie.
(You need to become a Soöruz Fan before)
So if you are a Facebook user, don't hesitate to vote for me if you like my design!
Many thanks!

Crooks Gang

My new papertoys project is coming!
Stay tuned!!

PS: logo made by my buddy Fasmer!

vendredi 23 juillet 2010

My Billy Sweet Monster!

Dear Mates!
Now it's my turn to present to you my Billy design!
Hope you like it!
Download it here!

jeudi 22 juillet 2010

Billy Sweet Monster - Featuring Chris Garbutt!

I'm so glad to present to you this new Billy design made by the AWESOME Chris Garbutt!
I discovered this great illustrator in 2006 with the Pictoplasma Encyclopedia Characters book. His graphic style and his ideas or always awesome! Besides these works he also works in the animation industry (RobotBoy!!!) It's for me a really great honor and I enjoy this collaboration!
You can see most of his work on the ArenaWorks or on his blog!
Download and Enjoy!!!

mercredi 21 juillet 2010

Earloomz x Tougui

I was contacted last year by Earloomz brand to design some blueTooth Earpieces.
Today I received some pics about my design and I'm informed that they are available on the shop!
I will tell you more informations when I will receive some pieces.
Other artists have collaborated with the brand as PulcoMayo, Yup or Shin Tanaka for example
Same artists as the Mugo Project!
Pics and more soon!

Billy Sweet Monster - Featuring Dundo!

Hi Mates!
I'm glad to present to you a new version of my Billy Sweet Monster!
This new design was made by the great Dundo!
He is one of my favorit Mexican Artist, his graphic style rocks and he always has a lot of humor on his illustrations. Fresh and fun, I love it!
Built and enjoy his design now!

Get ready for the next guest star ;)

lundi 5 juillet 2010

Mugo Player! Here we are!!!

Hey! I got one!
I received few days ago my Mugo Player,
I confess, I was a little bit affraid about the print quality but...good surprise!
It's really awesome!
It's delivered with a nice packaging.
Inside, earphone, manual and a sweet pocket bag!
A lovely package :)
Get your own! Leeeeet's go to the mall!

jeudi 1 juillet 2010

Billy Sweet Monster - Girl Powaaa!

Last month, I told you about my new papertoy project.
Today I'm glad to present to you my new template, called "Billy Sweet Monster".

To celebrate the new arrival, I asked to 4 of my favorite artists to work on it!
4 great artists who have a brillant personal graphic style,
Result? 4 awesome designs full of freshness and feminity...
Girl powaaaa!

ps : The upcoming designs will be AWESOME ;)