vendredi 15 juin 2012

Artoyz Fake-stival / NEWS!


Long time without posting!
Shame on me...
But no worries, I'm still alive and I work a lot on different kind of projects.
I will add some informations later.

But right now, let me introduce on new exhibtion! the ARTOYZ FAKESTIVAL!

The main theme was to create a fake festival (with the line up we want) and of course create the poster of this festival!

Check the real guest list of the exhibition!
That's sound real good!

After « School’s Out » (2010), where a selection of artists have illustrated a remembrance of their school time, then « Blockbusterz » (2011), where illustrators were challenged to reinterpret the blockbusters of those past 30 years, here is the new group exhibition for this summer 2012: Artoyz Fake-Stival.

Summer is definitely the music festivals period: from Glastonbury to Eurockéennes, from Route du Rock to Vans Warped Tour or Primavera, Sziget and many more. Each festival has its own Line-up and its visual identity, one managed by the programming team and the other by a graphic designer or an agency.
The idea of Artoyz Fake-Stival is offering to artists and illustrators the opportunity to do the programming AND the poster!
A fake festival for a real show.

Here is the list of the participating artists
Atomike Studio, Auregrafik, Denis Carrier, Craiion, Cuypi, Førtifem, Georges Le Mercenaire, le crew des Haterz, Horsujet, ILK, Mega, Alexander Nacache, Niark, Frank Pellegrino, Sang noir Studio, Short, Theoze, Tougui

The artists’ creations will be printed in limited edition Giclee print and display for all summer in the gallery Artoyz.